Pre-Departure Things




Some Footage from my first week on Tokyo!

It’s happening! I’m actually leaving for Japan tomorrow.

Here’s The Plan for Today:

·       Finish Packing

·       Start Packing

·       Buy supplies for class

·       Buy enough junk food to counteract any healthy food encountered

I decided to wait to pack because I’m a spontaneous Taurus and DEFINITELY NOT because I’m an irresponsible procrastinator.   I also didn’t just get my passport less than a week ago, if anyone asks.

As far as food goes I’m really nervous about Japanese cuisine.  Here’s a list of things that I imagine are big in Japan:

·       Seafood

·       Vegetables

·       Healthy Foods

Now here’s a list of foods that I’m big on:

·       Cheeseburgers

·       Candy Bars

·       Donuts

I’m not sure it will be a match.  But maybe I’ll find a nice McDonald’s for my entire stay.  But I also bought some muffins so hopefully I can stretch those out over the course of my trip.  EDIT: I haven’t even left the computer yet and the muffins are GONE.  Why did I buy them so early? Anyway, super excited for some other things.

I’m really glad I’m going with a few friends from my class.  We’ve worked so hard together in our Japanese class.  Usually we only meet once a week but in Japan we’ll have class everyday, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to retain more.  I even bought a few supplies so I’m a head of the game.  I have some note books, pens, a pencil, a case to hold my coins, a case to hold my pens, and a case to hold the case holding my coins and my pens.  Case closed.

I’m looking forward to taking a dance class in Japan, I’ve never taken a dance class outside of the East Coast so I might be a bit out of my comfort zone.  We’ll see if I get any videos or pictures of me doing anything like that,

I’m also really curious to see if there’s a “videogame” scene, because that’s what I’d like to concentrate in professionally.  Not necessarily making them, but project and community management seems like something I can get into.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to seeing the other side of the world.  Dreading this 20 hour flight though.