As I’m booking my flight from Ontario, California to Dublin, Ireland I find myself preparing for the

journey. It’s been three months since I first started preparing for this trip. In March when I had

met with my college counselor, and in my conversation about my previous interest in being a

flight attendant (I always knew I wanted to travel the world), he had mentioned the study abroad

program we have on campus. My desire to join the program was fueled even more by a

coworker of mine that had mentioned that he had once wished to study abroad, but because of

the COVID-19 pandemic he found himself unable to, and it’s something he regrets. His

admission of regretting not taking up the opportunity resonated with me, and that’s because I felt

for him and didn’t want anything to hold me back from that experience; I feared that I’d miss a

chance to be exposed to something new, and so I looked for any help I could in finding out more

about what the study abroad program at my school had to offer. I did further research and found

that I could make an appointment with the study abroad director. The idea of studying abroad

became more approachable and achievable to talk with both the director and a friend about this


While I don’t believe I’ll get immensely homesick in my time abroad, I acknowledge that I may

miss some of the things I leave behind in my time away from Azusa, California-the place I call

home. I’ll definitely miss my pet cat Fitzherbert (which I also call Kitty Kitty) that I’ve had for four

years. I’ll miss her nugging at the door when I get ready for work or school. I’ll miss her waiting

by the door for me when I come back home or her looking out the window when she hears me

at the door. If I could, I’d take her with me on this trip. I’m also leaving behind friends of mine,

and I will miss them greatly but eventually I’ll get to tell them all about Dublin, Ireland as soon as

I get back home. I’ll also miss skating around. I’ve had a longboard for several years, and some

of my favorite memories are skating around the surrounding metropolitan cities and going on

mini adventures at any hours of the day. Despite knowing that I’ll be leaving these things behind

I find that I can’t be too sad about it, and this is because I know that once I return I’ll enjoy all of

those things even more than I previously did. This is going to unlock a new chapter in my life,

and I can’t be more excited to see what will happen next.

My hopes for this new adventure are to grasp a new beginning, a new sense of adulthood. A

choice I made. To see all that Ireland has to offer. That includes the nature that I plan to explore.

Like going on a hike to The Ring Kerry as it’s along the ocean, and the Cliffs of Moher & Galway

with the group I’m going to Ireland with. Along with going to the College at Trinity which was

founded in 1592. Trinity college has the largest library in Ireland and I’ll have access to it . I love

the architecture of the castles and the building that will soon surround me. See you soon Ireland