Hello, my name is Joseph, and I’m from Texas. I’m currently a sophomore studying Information Technology Systems at The University of Texas at Dallas. I will be spending a semester in Vienna, Austria. I wanted to study abroad during my college years because I knew it would be a highlight of my college experience and it would be once in a lifetime experience. Moreover, I learned about many students who had gone to study overseas and had an opportunity to immerse into a different culture and go out of their comfort zone to embrace the obstacles they encountered while abroad.

I chose Austria for my study abroad destination because it would allow me to study for a semester in the center of Europe. As a student considering minoring in German would be one of the highlights and the most significant opportunity I took advantage of during my undergraduate years. It would allow me to develop long-life connections with local people and students from around the world with an open mind. My goal is to learn some German enough to communicate with the students on campus and the local people during my time there by enrolling in pre-semester German courses offered there.

Additionally, I plan to enroll in German culture or history course to develop my knowledge further and understand the country’s rich history. More importantly, the experiences that I gain will have a significant impact on my career upon my graduation. My future profession as an Information Technology Systems student will require me to directly communicate and interact with clients from different backgrounds to meet their needs. My ability to speak German proficiently will play a critical role when communicating with a German-speaking client. I can use the German I learned in Austria to communicate better and understand the customers’ needs from their perspective. I would also be able to present myself better in business meetings with international partners because I have developed the skills I need and had experience interacting with students from different nationalities while studying abroad.

Completing my study abroad in Austria would help build my previous experience and involvement on campus. I look forward to contributing what I have learned/experienced to The University of Texas at Dallas community by promoting study abroad on campus and participating in study abroad events. I also plan to host a session for students who want to learn more about study abroad opportunities, especially for first-generation and underrepresented students. More importantly, my goal is to encourage them to study abroad during their college years by sharing the defining experiences I would have during my time in Spain and how it allowed me to immerse myself in a different culture. Moreover, I can positively impact my classroom by bringing a different perspective to classroom discussions with my study abroad experiences. Lastly, I hope to become a buddy for international students because I’ve been in their shoes while studying abroad in Spain and know the arduous journey they must go through before becoming familiar with the new environment.

I hope this pre-departure vlog thrilled you and gave you the incentive to follow my journey throughout my semester in Vienna. This will undoubtedly be an excellent adventure for me to share my experiences, giving you insights into how students studying abroad face different challenges and the advantages of learning in a foreign country. Lastly, if you are a student considering studying abroad, I hope my vlog will give complete insights and encouragement.