Patiently Waiting for Spring






So it’s almost the end of March, and I know the weather should be warming up any day now. However, these under 50 degree days just keep occurring to the point where I’m wondering if I’m going to get to see any さくら(cherry blossoms) at all! I’ve never seen cherry blossom trees before. We certainly don’t have any in my hometown. Yet this cold weather persists!

Spring Break is almost over! It’s very bittersweet for me. On one hand I’ve been given all this free time to relax, explore, learn, and travel. On the other hand, I know my friends back home are already nearly halfway through their spring semester and on to summer. In Japan, there isn’t really a summer break. My spring semester will start April 7th and end July 30th. By the time I fly home, I’ll have about two weeks until my final fall semester begins. I should really bask in this free time while I can. I just can’t help wanting to get on with my education and get back into the swing of things. I also am really looking forward to making new friends semester. I think that was my biggest challenge last semester and I definitely want to improve myself.

So while I enjoy my last couple weeks of break, spring cleaning, food tasting, and random little adventures, here are some photos I took in Okinawa, where the weather was significantly warmer, and the flowers bloomed. Still patiently waiting!

Side note I saw this cherry blossom tree, became ecstatic, touched it, plastic tree ): soon though there will be real ones!!