Nice France and Wrapping Up This Semester


My final trip was to Nice France. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side but nevertheless, it was still so beautiful. I have been wanting to visit southern France since high school when I took French classes. The pastries were delicious and the water was so blue and pretty! We also took a day trip to Monaco via a short 30-minute train ride. It was all very cool to see two new places in one weekend!

In Monte Carlo, we visited the F1 race track as well as the infamous casino in the city. It was a very wealthy area with lots of yachts, so pretty! One of my favorite things from this trip was being able to recall the French I had learned many years ago. It is cool how language can come back when you need it.

This is my final week here in Denmark before I return to the States. I have done quite a bit of reflecting and saying goodbye is very bittersweet. This entire experience has been quite the ride and I am extremely grateful for having the once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad and travel as much as I did. I have grown so much since coming here, I would have never been able to gain such an appreciation for the world if I had not taken this semester abroad.

Reflecting on the past four months, the biggest takeaway I have learned is that everything finds its way of working out. There have been many ups and downs along this journey but I have always been able to make it through tougher times and have been able to figure out any issues that may arise. One big thing for me is that I have learned how to problem solve with grace while avoiding panic.

Although I am saddened to leave Denmark and my wonderful host family, I am excited to return home and see my family! I cannot wait to share my experiences and stories with them and bring back valuable life lessons home with me. I am forever grateful for this experience of a lifetime and to FEA for providing me with the help I needed in order to make this happen!

Closing off,

Shea Tomlinson