My First Week (Or really my first two days!)





Hey everyone!

So I debated whether or not to post a blog for my first week, since I arrived here Wednesday evening, and have only just moved into my apartment a few hours ago! But I want to stay on schedule so I can keep up with the good stuff, like starting my classes! Unfortunately, my classes haven’t been assigned yet, and don’t start for another two weeks. Firstly, I’ll start with what I do know! I know that moving is extremely tiring, and sometimes stressful.

I realized this today as I moved across the country into my new home in Nagoya! I didn’t realize how essential even the smallest of things were until I didn’t have them! Like a spoon, or a towel!! Luckily, I have friends here in Japan, and they not only allowed me to stay with them for one night until I could move into my apartment, but they helped me by taking me around to the grocery store, and furniture store, and also will be showing me and my study abroad friends around campus! This is why I am so glad I made connections back home!

On to my photos…

Since I’ve only been in Nagoya a few hours, I only have photos of my new home! I am very excited to share them! I have been working to organize my items, but jet lag has hit me hard and all the walking around really got to me! Hopefully, within the next week, I will get a better feel for my surroundings, and make my home a little more homey.


Front Door
SubstandardFullSizeRender (1)

Also, in Japan, they separate their garbage into recyclables, burnable, etc. I got a chart! This is definitely a new thing for me but I think it’s a really great idea! It’s definitly made me think about the things I am throwing away too.

garbage sheet