Mid-Terms and Stress…..


Mid-term exams are right around the corner, and stress has become a secondary mood as of lately.  I’ve been studying every single day for the pasts weeks to pass these exams, and I still feel unprepared.  I haven’t taken breaks and I can feel the toll it has been taking on me, so I decided to unwind for a day.  I can say that it was the best decision I made so far.  The days become more and more gloomy if you allow it to happen, as I let happen.  Sometimes to not study and take a break can create a major change of pace.  From the time I have arrived up to this point, I have studied non-stop and put too much weight on myself.  So my days weren’t as enjoyable as I wish they were, but it’s all my fault.

When you study and exert yourself to the max your body starts to feel down and under the weather.  Mixed emotions come upon you and the world becomes a dark and depressive place, which should be the exact opposite when abroad.  So, the best thing to do is take a break, and I mean literally take a break from everything.  Forgot classes and assignments, take the time to worry about how you’re feeling and change the pace.  Start it off by doing something you enjoy or at least something that will take your mind off everything else.  Let your mind and body relax and then ease back into the work, and trust me that you will feel better.

With mid-terms so close all I can focus on is passing those tests.  I tend to worry very much about my grades, and with being abroad that worry has tripled.  I worry about not passing and not being able to take the course again because I won’t be here anymore.  The worry is more of how it’ll affect my studies back home.  I have built a wall of stress and overthinking, but instead I should just relax and focus on what’s going on now.  By taking the day off as I did, I reset my body a bit and immediately felt better.  I’m taking in one day at a time and just try to relax as I study.  Sometimes I listen to “lofi”, which is a type of just beat music and it calms me a bit more.

All I can say is that, it gets better.  The journey will be full of obstacles, but it’s no mission impossible. First thing first, care for your well being physically and emotionally.  No one will take care of you if you don’t do it yourself, so put yourself first.  Right after you feel okay start working on things that have to get done.  In the end you will see how the world will feel better and things will go smooth.  If you’re in mid-terms like me, you can do it!  Pull through and believe in yourself.

I was on campus, listening to music and just enjoying the day.