Madrid and Sicily


For my spring break I traveled to Madrid Spain and Palermo Italy (part of Sicily). In Madrid I did a lot of exploring around the city. Madrid has the most beautiful gardens and roof top bars! I also went to the Museo Nacional del Prado Museum where I got to see the Velazquez’s infamous Les Meninas. I had studied baroque and rococo art this past semester and it was surreal to see the piece in real life. One cool thing about Madrid is that they start their days way later, meaning it was normal to be eating dinner in a restaurant at 11pm. They have a mid day “siesta” where from around 2-5pm everyone takes a break from work before returning.

Next up, we stopped in Palermo, Italy for the rest of the break. I saw the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches. The white sand and the clear blue waters paired with the scenic cliffs felt too perfect to even be real. I absolutely loved the beaches and landscape of Sicily! I will never forget how picturesque every beach we visited was.

Overall I loved both trips and am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to go! These memories I had will last a lifetime.