London and Copenhagen


Hi guys!

My life has been a bit hectic as of the past month, recently I had to move homestays and I was living in a hotel for the past few weeks… as promised here is my recap of my trip to London last month as well as my time spent showing my friend around Copenhagen! I got into London around noon on the 25th of February. I met up with my friend who is studying abroad in London and she showed me the common main attractions in the city, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace etc. The next day we explored around the massive city, making stops specifically at Camden Market and Kensington Gardens.

I found London to be very interesting as it reminded me a lot of New York City with all of the people and the sheer size of the city. If I had to describe it precisely I would say picture a cross between New York City and Boston, make it bigger, and place it in Europe. It was very cool to be around English-speaking people again as well as hear their accents and the different phases they use, such as “bloody hell” or “mate”. The British pound is currently very weak due to Britain leaving the EU, so food was pretty expensive. For example, an average pasta dish at a not-very-fancy restaurant cost me around $35. Overall I had a great time in London and would recommend it to others!

The following weekend, the same friend came to visit me in Copenhagen. I showed her around the city and took her to common attractions such as The Mermaid Statue, the Nyhvan Canal, and Amalienborg (the residence of the royal family). I also showed her just how good Danish pastries are, she agreed it was the best pastry she has had. At night, I took her to Hive and Rumors, which are popular clubs in Copenhagen. She found it very interesting that despite the native language being Danish, almost all American music was played at clubs. I had a great two weeks exploring London and Copenhagen!

See you next time!