London Adventures- Vince Acri





Hello everyone! This past week was a fairly busier one than usual, especially with school work.

I did experience two major events this past week that I was extremely excited about going to. The first was the London Oktoberfest. I’ve always wanted to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany; but the pandemic was cancelled for this year, which was disappointing. However, London hosts several different weekends for Oktoberfest and this past weekend was one of them. I went with some of my friends and it was really cool there. I even saw one of my professors from class there! There was live music, games, and of course a beer tent with good company and laughter.

I also did a cheese tasting for my Food and Culture class this past week, which was hosted by an English cheesemonger. He was a very funny, polite, and extremely informative person who made talking about the history of cheese making entertaining to say the least. We of course tried several different cheeses as he introduced them. I have to say I was doing well throughout the tasting until we got to the last three. They were very strong cheeses and the taste was a little too much for me to handle as a non cheese expert.

I was also given my internship placement information this week as well, with my interview being conducted on Friday afternoon. I will be working for Baller’s League, which is a company that hosts football (European) tournaments throughout London for amateur players to compete in with their friends. I will be doing marketing and PR work for the company, and was extremely pleased with my meeting with the head of the company. I can tell that it is going to be a very fun and rewarding experience for my professional life. The internship is all online, as the company head does not live in England anymore on a consistent basis.

The rest of the week was filled with a lot of school work, midterms and finals are this upcoming week before fall break. I hope to get a break from my studies and get out to parts of the city once more. The first photo attached is of Oktoberfest in London, and the second is a picture of the table the Cheesemonger had arranged for us, including his the cheese concoction that he made in class!

As always, thank you for reading and your continued support of myself and other FEA students.

Vince Acri