Internship, Galway, and Hurling!





This past week has been filled with lots of exciting things! I started my internship at the Dyslexia Association of Ireland where I am working as an office information intern. I have become more familiar with the bus system here and am getting more comfortable with navigating around Dublin. I found my place of work fairly easily and I am liking it so far! Everyone is very nice and I am learning a lot about Dyslexia and what kinds of services the association offers. This opportunity to experience working in another country is something I am very excited for and I can take a lot of value from.

I took a trip to Galway this past weekend where I studied abroad for a full semester this past Fall. It was so great to be back in my favorite Irish city and reminiscence on all the memories I have from there. I met up with one of my roommates and we enjoyed dinner outside where we had a full few of the many buskers on Shop Street. I spent the next day in the neighboring beach town of Salthill where I worked on my tan and indulged in some ice cream. Later that night we visited all my favorite pubs to have a pint and listen to live traditional Irish music. If you are ever in Ireland, Galway is a must visit city!!

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I made my way back to Dublin on Sunday to meet up with a friend from back home in Michigan. We attended a Hurling match in Croake Park where it was the final match between Galway and Kilkenny. The seats we had were front row, much to our surprise and it was very cool to see the game so close up. Hurling is an Irish game where the players try to score goals by hitting a small ball with wooden sticks. It looked incredibly difficult! Irish fans sure do love their sports, it was a loud and fun atmosphere to be apart of, even if I didn’t fully understand what was going on. This week the weather has been beautiful and I feel I am really adjusting to life in Dublin. Can’t wait to continue exploring and learning in my internship!

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