In Danish culture, the term “Hyyge” is quite common. Literally, hyyge means cozy. But the phrase is used as not just a word but a feeling and vibe. The official definition of hygee is that it signifies a safe low-key intimate form of socialization. Hygge implies a safe habitat, comfort and joy, a caring orientation, a civilized mode of behavior, and a well-kept home. It is associated with being cozy, homey, warm, and relaxed and is used as both a noun and a verb, denoting the activity of being together in a certain way. Hyyge represents implicit cultural values such as balance and moderation as well as connections between hygge and the values of Scandinavian culture such as equality and peace and quiet.

An example of using the term is referring to a home dinner with friends as a hyyge dinner. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and people are enjoying themselves. Hygge also can be used as a response to a statement. For example, if I were to say I got a hot cup of tea and a new book to read one could respond with the term “Hygge!”. I find it so neat that there is a term that can mean so many things and be taken into different contexts within the Danish language. I cannot think of a term in the English language that would be equivalent to this. Hyyge is not only a word, but a feeling, and a way of life within the Danish culture.