Holy Week in Holy Land (Israel)


I spend my whole Easter Break in the Holy Land with a group from my faith community in Vienna. We were in Israel for 11 days, making a pilgrimage from Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee. Being in Holy Land during Holy Week as a Christian Catholic was surreal and unbelievable. I never imagined being in Holy Land with a group of students from Vienna while studying abroad. This trip will be the highlight of my study abroad.

It was an eye-opening experience to see how Jerusalem is a Holy City for three different religions Christianity, Jewish, and Islam. It was always crowded inside the old city wall since there were pilgrims from all over the world. I had an opportunity to see the different cultures and how their religion plays a pivotal role in daily life. I also had a chance to learn about my own faith while physically present on the sites. Hence, the trip allows me to continue to grow in my faith.