The Highlands: Scottish Heritage


It was Friday and time for the long-awaited trip to the Highlands that was part of my study abroad package with IFSA-Butler. it was time to be immersed in some aspects of Scottish culture. The first place we visited was the Black Linn Falls at Hermitage, Dunkeld.

It was a spectacular sight. 

Then we went underneath the bridge and onto a place that was reminiscent of scenes from either The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.

Then we went to a farm to watch a sheepdog display. I was surprised by the intelligence of the dogs. The dogs were able to recognize the commands of the shepherd and they herded the flock of sheep to where we stood.

At the Leault farm.

On Saturday, we set off for Fort George, where we learned about the Jacobite Uprising and the purpose of the fort. The body of water that was overlooked by the fort was said to be the perfect place to spot a dolphin. However, we did not spot a dolphin, which was rather disappointing.

Fort George.

Then, the highlight of the trip was to Culloden battlefield. We received a tour of the battlefield and learned the history behind the place. In my opinion, that was the highlight of the trip because our prior beliefs about the battle at Culloden was dispelled. We learned that it was largely a civil war and not just a war between Scotland or England. Also, it was not just a war between Protestants and Catholics.

Our last day in the Highlands was Sunday and we went to Fort Augustus and Loch Ness. I had heard a lot about Loch Ness and was excited to see what everyone gushed about. However, I was slightly disappointed that it was just a Loch. I had seen numerous Lochs and Loch Ness was just like any other Loch. Nonetheless, I loved the Highlands trip and I am looking forward to my potential homestay.