Heading to Europe…




    As I sit quietly in the dark on the plane heading to Dublin, Ireland, I wonder where my destiny shall lead me in these next few months. I contemplate the friends I will make, the lessons I will learn, the adventures I will come across, and the problems I will more than likely run into. 

    Although this is not my first time across the pond, it is my first time studying abroad and also traveling as a married woman without my husband. While I will miss my family and the daily life that I live, I do see this as an experience that is necessary for me to further my role in the field of International Relations. This is my chance to get an understanding of various cultures, expand my horizons, and hopefully learn some French through my travels.

While most of my time will be spent at Rennes University studying the French language, I cannot wait to visit Ireland for the first time, head to my favorite spots in Spain, and to explore the natural beauty of the Azores. However, the last time I was in France, I only had the pleasure of seeing Paris. This time, I wish to see more of the countryside, the culture, and the marks of history that were originally traced to rulers such as Napoleon and Charlemagne. 

In this documentation, I aim to reveal not only my journey of studying abroad as a non-traditional student, but also my passions for food, life, and the unknown. 

For now, I shall lead by my Filipino  ancestors and say, “Bahala Na” (What may be shall be.)