Freetime = Feeling Revived



Had a cooking night with my flat-mates from Korea and China, I had a blast with them.

Right after finishing mid-terms, a mandatory rest is well needed.  This is exactly what I´ve been up to, also eating more and just living free.  The stress has passed behind me and all I need to think about is how I’m going to spend time.  I won’t be free for many days , so I have decided to take it slow and just rest as much as posible.  Finally catching up on sleep feels amazing, and having my head clear of class has let me really unwind.  The exams took a toll on me mentally and physically to the point of total exhaustion.  I can say it is partially my fault for the non-stop studying, but I felt uneasy everytime I didn´t study.  My plans for my free time are very simple.

First thing on my list is to catch up on “anime” that I haven’t watched, also tv series.  While I have that going on I tend to unwind on all the stress by talking to family members.  Talking to them I´ll be after to vent all my feelings, and in the end feel better.  While I studied my food intake became very low, and I wasn’t taking care of myself.  I’m taking this time to better everything starting with my personal health and well being.  The other thing I’ve been needing is sleep, and I can finally sleep full hours.  I plan to sleep for as long as body can to obtain all the rest it has been needing.

This study abroad has shown me how hard I need to work to obtain my goals and the struggles that may appear.  This journey has been a bit difficult, but I can happily say that I’m making it and rising above all obstacles.  When I arrived I pictured it being a bit more on ease, just to be able to travel more.  The reality is that it’s a bit of the opposite and I have to study even more.  Even so, this study abroad has shown me the difference between the culture I know and the one I’m getting to know.  Enough talk about everything else, all I am thinking of is resting until the next week begins.

So far I have felt better after sleeping and waking up full of energy.  I’ve been feeling so much better in only a few days, so I hope the rest of the days I can recover in full and feel new again.  After this rest period ends it’ll be back to studying for finals and non-stop work, but thias time I’ll pace myself.  Take things on one by one and put everything down in a Schedule, that way I don’t ovewrthink things.  This is the time to finish off strong and with my head high.  Until that time arrives I’ll be enjoying this little time off and not think about anything more except having fun.