Final Reflection





I think one of the biggest takeaways I will have from my time abroad is more confidence in myself. One memory that will stay with me forever is climbing Galtymore with the Outdoor Pursuits Club. While I enjoyed some hiking at home, there are no mountains in Wisconsin, so the idea of climbing a mountain as part of a hike seemed insane to me. It’s also one of the highest mountains in Ireland at prominence of 2,946 ft. It was intimidating looking up at the peak while at the base of the mountain and tough climbing up, especially since there was a frigid wind and it was muddy in many parts, but we eventually made it to the peak. Below, you can see a picture from the top of the mountain. We started at the tree line way below. The view was breathtaking and worth it, especially since there were sheep grazing along the trail all the way up the mountain. Below is a picture of where we started (the tree line) while on top of Galtymore.

Another major takeaway I will have is the friends that I made from all over. While I don’t know when I will be able to see them again in person, we plan to stay in contact online. The people in Ireland, including strangers, have been incredibly friends, and the landscape is beautiful. I definitely hope to comeback sometime in the future. Below is a picture of a sheep that I saw on the way down.