Feeling like a Tourist





When asked what one knows about Dublin, most would likely mention something about Guinness. The black liquid which seems to run in the veins of everyone in Dublin city. Arthur Guinnes established this notorious brew in 1759 and since then it has maintained its status of most popular brew in Ireland while also establishing a massive presence internationally. This week I finally made it over for the tour of the Guinness factory only a twenty minute walk from my accommodations. It being the most popular tourist attraction in Ireland I felt a bit ashamed I had not yet been there. Luckily it was worth the wait. The massive building is incredibly well made, with lots of impressive technological features enhancing the visitors’ experience. I was impressed by the sheer amount of different displays displaying both the history of the company, and the current brewing processes. My favorite part of the whole experience was the gravity bar at the end which features a 360 view of Dublin city unlike anything I have seen before. It was truly breathtaking, if one felt they had overpaid for the experience, the views alone from that bar were worth the entrance fee.

Not only did I finally visit the biggest tourist attraction in Ireland I also went to my first Rugby game. Being an avid sports fan back home I was excited to finally be back in a stadium watching any sort of sporting activity. Although I had no knowledge of rugby as an activity, the environment was incredibly exciting. It brought me a sense of comfort as I typically would be attending these types of events with my friends back home. On top of the comfort it brought me, the game was a smashing success as Leinster (the province Dublin resides in) went home victorious over their southern rivals from Munster. The energy following the game was euphoric, further magnifying the enjoyment I was experiencing.

Looking forward to more cultural experiences to come!