Experiencing Edinburgh Part 2


I like zoos. What isn’t there to like about them. The opportunity to be as close to wild animals as one is ever going to. Back at home, I have only been to one museum, the Detroit museum. When I came to Edinburgh, I heard that there are penguins at the Edinburgh museum. I really wanted to see penguins in real life because I have never seen one.

As a result, I went to the museum. I saw various animals up close that I have never seen before. I saw a tiger (picture not included), a koala, penguins, a lion, and a lioness. I was glad to have seen them all. I was especially surprised by how calm the lion and lioness seemed to be. It was as if they realized that we weren’t threatening and that the glass was a barrier. In addition, I was surprised to see that there were different types of penguins at the zoo.