Experiencing Edinburgh Part 1


I feel like I have been talking about other cities in my other blog posts and neglecting the city that I am studying in. Currently, it is exam week and since I have only one exam, I decided to explore parts of Edinburgh that I have not yet seen.

The first place on my list was the National Museum of Scotland. Although I do not like museums that much, I wanted to see Dolly the sheep and other exhibits at the museum.

A statue in the museum.

The pieces in the museum were interesting and although I did not spend a significant amount of time there, I still saw most pieces.

The next place that I visited was Dean Village. On Google, it is depicted as a little picturesque village and I wanted to see such a place. The first place on my stop was the Well Court because the Water of Leith passed through there.

Water of Leith.

After visiting the Well Court, I wandered to the Dean Cemetery. It was quite a large cemetery and I did not spend too much time there. I was alone and being in a cemetery alone was not very appealing.

Then, I went to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. It was at a great location and surrounded by a wide expanse of land and greenery

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

After my brief visit to the Scottish Gallery, I proceeded to St. Bernard’s Well. It is located close to Stockbridge, one of the suburbs in Edinburgh. Then, I did not realize it. But, I noticed the difference because Dean Village was extremely quiet but Stockbridge was a bustling area.

St. Bernard’s Well.

The statue is that of the goddess of Health, Hygeia. The myth is that the waters have healing properties and it dates back to the 18th century when “taking the waters” was in vogue as a medicinal cure.

I was happy about my visit to Dean Village because it contains some of Edinburgh’s history.