Excursion to Tokoname!





Hey there FEA! So last weekend my Traditional Japan class took a field trip to Tokoname to participate in a pottery lesson, in Japanese they call it 陶芸 (Togei). Because there were so many of us we had to split into two groups and when we weren’t participating in togei, we wandered around the town of Tokoname. I found so so so many statues of cats everywhere!! There is even a famous large cat head statue which I was fortunate enough to find and get a picture of! Firstly, here are some photos of the town we visited (:

img_2164 img_2160 img_2161 img_2162 img_2163 img_2165 img_2166 img_2167 img_2168 img_2169 img_2170

These cat statues are supposed to bring good fortunes if you touched them so we went through and patted some of them. My personal favorite is the last one: Peace (:

img_2171-copy img_2172-copy img_2175

Here is our teacher showing us how to make either a bowl, plate or cup!

img_2190 img_2184 img_2177img_2176-copyimg_2191

I made a bowl…cup..vase.. thing. It was supposed to be a cup. Still looks beautiful to me!
img_2198 img_2199 img_2200 img_2201

There were many shops with handmade pottery for sale! Here are a few photos of some beautiful handmade and painted pottery!

img_2209 img_2205

Here is the giant cat! This is a giant maneki neko named Tokonyan! Members of the town call it the Welcome Cat. I think I enjoyed seeing the cat statues around town the most!