Enjoying Nature


NAture At ITs Finest

This week was amazing. For the last few days, I have been hiking and visiting different sites. Typically, I am not the type of person to enjoy nature. I CAN’T DEAL WITH BUGS. The feeling of being sweaty and hot is not my thing. Two days ago, I hiked the Great Big Stone in Mwanza.

The view of Tanzania is jaw-dropping. From the top of the rock, a person can see the entire city of Mwanza. There are several trees and beautiful plants around the city. The sky was so clean and blue, just the perfect moment. The scenery made me speechless. I felt so free and relaxed. Nothing else mattered at that moment. I never enjoyed being outdoors, but it was an incredible experience. 

Endless Safari

Yesterday, I visited the Serengeti Safari. It was an all-day experience, but it was worth it. I never saw animals in their natural habitat before. When I saw animals, they were always behind cages or in circuses. People make animals seem wild and violent. Many animals are more afraid of people because of the evil things we do, such as kill them for fashion trends.

When first arriving, I was very nervous. I thought the animals were going to attack me. However, that was not the case. They were so calm and unbothered. There were monkeys, lions, elephants, zebras, and many more animals. I was so close to the animals that I could reach out and touch them. The safari was spacious and beautiful.

When I was leaving, the sunset in the middle of the sky. The scenery was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. It felt like I was in the movie Lion King. The sun touched all of the lands, and many of the animals moved in the direction of the light. 


Views of Nature.