Enjoying Other Cultures while Abroad Pt.1


It was the Wednesday after my Korean class and for reasons beyond me, I began craving Korean food. Then, I found some Korean restaurants close by and checked their menus. I wanted to go to one of the Korean restaurants with some friends, whom I knew had never tried Korean food. Therefore, I booked us a table at one. I was excited because of two reasons: first, to finally quench my Korean food cravings, and secondly, to introduce my friends to Korean food. I really enjoy Korean food and convincing others to try it.

At the restaurant, I ordered their spicy pork bulgogi, mandu (Korean dumplings), and boiled rice. It came out looking so mouth-watering.

Spicy pork Bulgogi and boiled rice.

I enjoyed the meal and likewise did my friends. I was glad that they did. Next stop: Scottish Haggis.