Enjoying Other Cultures while Abroad Pt. 2


Another food that I wanted to try in Edinburgh was Chinese hotpot. My friend had it for her birthday but I was unable to attend because I had Judo training. Therefore, I coerced another friend into going to an all-you-can-eat hotpot establishment.

Back in the U.S, I had already tasted Chinese hotpot but not an all-you-can-eat style. I expected the portions to be smaller because of the buffet style. However, the portions were huge but still delicious. I immensely enjoyed the feast and it was also my first time trying Chinese plum juice. It tasted like hibiscus flower tea (a drink we call Zobo in Nigeria) and it kinda reminded me of my roots.

The Hotpot Ruins.
Chinese Plum Juice.

My next food will be Scottish haggis come Saint Andrew’s day.  In addition, I will participate in a ceilidh and my next blog post will be about that event.