Edinburgh, Till We Meet Again


My time at Edinburgh is almost over. My Korean exam is tomorrow afternoon and my flight is on Saturday. Therefore, this is my last blog post. I have enjoyed my stay here in Edinburgh. Time has flown by quite alarmingly.  Through my time abroad, I have participated in Judo, a sport that I never thought I would ever practice. I have met fellow Americans and Scottish people alike. In addition, I have visited other countries that I have dreamed of visiting. Overall, my experience has been a positive one.

Prior to this, I did not know what picture to insert into this blog. However, I have decided to include a picture that tells of my failure to recreate one of my favorite Indian foods– the chicken tikka masala. Earlier in the semester, I decided to cook chicken tikka because I did not want to go to an Edinburgh Indian restaurant (the foods were not spicy enough for me). So, I attempted chicken tikka masala but it did not turn out well. I was extremely disappointed, to say the least. Farewell Edinburgh, till we meet again (maybe).

Chicken Tikka ingredients.