Coffee Shops You Must Go To While Visiting Seoul





If there is one thing that I love to do the most is to explore coffee shops. Coffee shops in South Korea are really a big deal and I was excited to explore as many as possible. Not only did I explore coffee shops as a hobby but as a way to learn more about Korean culture and the way coffee, a simple drink, is being used to portray art, creativity, and innovation. Here is a list of my favorite coffee shops I visited in Seoul, South Korea and I hope you have the opportunity to visit them as well.

Pink Pool Cafe 
There are so many good things to say about this coffee shop: it’s pink, it has a pool in the middle of the shop and most importantly this cafe belongs to a clothing brand, Style Nanda, which means that the Pink Pool Cafe is located on top of a clothing store. The store plus the cafe show a lot of creativity and innovation. This cafe would always be one of my favorites. This coffee shop is located in Hongdae.


Banana Tree
A small but cozy coffee shop. I was very impressed with how small this coffee shop was, however, I was more impressed with their cute and creative drinks. I got a chocolate cupcake, which was presented in a flower pot and for my drink, I got an iced white mocha with cotton candy on the top. All I can say is that it was delicious! This coffee shop is located in Gangnam-gu.

Urban Space
This is not a coffee shop yet it is a really cool place to get really cool drinks and have a good time with friends. Urban Space is a bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. There is also a food menu. The thing that makes this bar very unique it’s their unique and cool way to present the drinks. They also have a pool full of plastic balls and balloons where you can go in and have fun with friends. This coffee shop is located in Seongdong-gu.

Innisfree Cafe
Innisfree is a well-known South Korean cosmetic brand orientated on the use of natural ingredients in their products. Innisfree is one of my favorite skincare products and it was really cool and convenient to shop for skincare and makeup and then having a coffee shop within the same store. The Innisfree cafe, right as you walk in, portrays nature, calm, and peace. I really recommended! This coffee shop is located in Myeongdong.

Ryan Cafe (Kakao Friends Store)
The Ryan Cafe, similar to other cafes I have mentioned is also part of a shopping store called the Kakao Friends Store. The Kakao friends are very well-known characters in South Korea and are based on the Kakaotalk (instant messaging app) emoticons. This cafe is very cute and the food and drinks are very creative and delicious. This coffee shop is located in Hongdae.

Bukchon Hanok Village (Teahouse)
This is actually not a coffee shop but it is a perfect place to have a very refreshing drink after exploring the Bukchon village. Plus this tea house has perfect spots to take beautiful pictures.




Coffee Shop in Yonsei University Main Library
If you are thinking of studying at Yonsei University, I recommend this hidden coffee shop. This cafe is located inside the main library, on the seventh floor. This is a really good place to do work, it is very cozy and cheap but really good! Yonsei University is located in the Sinchon area.

Arriate Flower Cafe 
Let’s talk about art. This coffee shop not only has very pretty drinks but the design and decoration of this coffee shop are very unique and creative. This place is perfect for pictures and to have a really good time while having a drink and enjoying art.This coffee shop is located in Hongdae.


Key Coffee Company 
A minimalist but cozy coffee shop. One of my friends recommended this coffee shop and I had to go. This coffee shop is close to a university and the location makes it good for college students to enjoy a comfortable place to study while having very aesthetic drinks.

Coffee shops are a big deal in South Korea and I am very happy to had the opportunity to check them out. Not only did these coffee shops offered me great drinks but they inspired me to expand more my creativity, appreciation to new ideas and to continue to aspire one of my dreams: to own a coffee shop.

Wish me luck,