Catch Up From Lost Time







Wow, it’s been hectic. But no worries, I’M BACK!! Last I left you all, it was the end of my crazy back to back trips and I was about to start my internship with Hydrogen Group. Hydrogen Group is “a global, market-leading, specialist recruitment group. Operating a portfolio of brands, from offices across nine countries, we power the world’s leading businesses by recruiting the brightest talent” (Just thought you all deserved a quick background).

So far, I’m really enjoying it! I’m a marketing intern here and I work closely with a team of about eight people. I’ve done many tasks usually working closely with LinkedIn as that’s the primary platform the company runs through. I can honestly say I’ve learned so much already. I am confident that this position has already taught me crucial skills that I’d be able to use in the future.

After the completion of my first week, my friends and I took a trip to Amsterdam. Rather than flying, we decided to take on the 13-hour bus ride to save money. It was rough. I figured we would be able to sleep the whole time so it wouldn’t be much of an issue. I was wrong. We kept having to be woken up to go through passport control, hop on and off a ferry, or stop at any other locations on the way when they would turn on all the lights and make announcements. It wasn’t too bad honestly, just long.

Red Light District in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam was a very fun and relaxed trip. I got very lucky because our bus was supposed to arrive back in London at 6:30 am that following Monday morning and I must be at work by 9:00 am each day. If the bus was delayed at all, this could have created some issues, thankfully everything was on time and ran smoothly.

Our Airbnb in Amsterdam!

This past weekend, we took a trip to Dublin, Ireland. One of my friends studied abroad there this past fall and absolutely loved it. She kept talking to us about how Dublin is her favorite city and she wants to move back there one day, so I was excited to see first-hand what all her hype was about. I can honestly agree with her.

Had to take some pictures with a view like this!

Dublin was so much fun! They consistently had amazing music playing and the people there are all incredibly nice! Dublin is definitely high up on my list for favorite places I have visited during my time abroad so far.

Views from our hike in Dublin!

Stay tuned to my next blog to hear about how my trip to Wales this weekend goes!