Beauty and History


The view was Spectacular!


My new friends from Macchu Pichu!

Macchu Pichu, a wonder of the world and an unforgettable beauty.  A few days ago, I went to Cusco to go and visit the natural landmark of Macchu Pichu.  It was a pretty long journey to get there.  To be more specific I took a 3 hour bus ride followed by 2 hour train ride.  Right after the train I had to take another bus ride towards the entrance way.  Needless to say, it was all worth it, and actually it created a better journey.  Before talking in depth about it, I want to talk about the towns where I stopped by on my way there.

First stop was “Ollantaytambo”, and this is the town where the train station is located at.  I arrived around night time, but it was still alive and lit from the small business open.  Once I got off the bus I started to look for a place to stay, and lucky enough there were many hostels open 24/7.  I was able to situate myself quickly, but before going to bed I decided to take a stroll around.  It was like something from a movie, a little town where everyone knew each other and welcomed anyone.  I ate some delicious empanadas and went straight to bed because the next day was going to be long.

4 a.m. This was time I woke up to catch the train towards the next city, “Aguas Calientes”, this being the city where Macchu Pichu is located.  I would describe this city like an entrance to a lost world.  It was amazing, and every little detail captivated me more and more.  In this town I walked around before taking the bus to Macchu Pichu.  There were many tour guides around the area and the would explain certain statues and posts.  One of the most interesting things was a bridge crossing from the town directly towards the train station.  In the middle of the bridge there is an amazing view of the mountains that are semi-covered by the clouds.  After a bit of walking around it was time for the main event, so I got on the bus towards Macchu Pichu.

I was finally there, and it felt AWESOME!  Except for how high I was, and the bus ride made me a little nauseous.  Ignoring that feeling, I couldn’t believe I was actually there and for the first time in my life I have travelled far from home like I’ve always wanted.  The view was BREATHTAKING,  and I’m not talking were I was out of breathe because of the walk up.  It was all so mesmerizing, and while walking around I made friends with locals and they began explaining the history behind it all.  As I walked around I found out more than I had planned, and realized the depth behind the land.  I learned about how the ‘Incas’ used to live and how they got around.  In the end my experience was phenomenal!