Autumn in Japan





So one thing of the beautiful aspects of Japan is it’s changing on the leaves in autumn. It’s called “紅葉” Koyo. It is a time that is celebrated with the arrival of autumn just as the blooming of cherry blossoms in April mean springtime has arrived! Koranke, Toyota is a gorgeous place to see many of these colorful leaves are called momiji, which oddly enough use the same kanji as koyo, and mean changing of leaves!

There is a special time to view these leaves, just as there is with cherry blossoms which I hope to capture as well when the time comes! For now, the last few weeks of the first semester are approaching, as well as Christmas. While it doesn’t snow much here in Nagoya, I hope to go north towards Gifu to take some photos, see some snow, and enjoy my break! Until then, I’ll be pushing through my last three weeks! Then it’s on to tackle finals week!

I have been in Japan for 99 days, 22 hours, and 30 minutes. Once this blog is posted it will have been 100 days. I’ve never been away from my hometown for 100 days ever in my life. It’s such a weird feeling. I used to think I could so easily get up and leave to learn and grow elsewhere on my own but I’ve realized so many things while being away. This whole experience is only a little under one-third of the way over with already. I’ve experienced many troubles while being here, one of them being the language barrier. While I am here to break that barrier, I’m hitting more and more brick walls. It’s not that I’m doing poorly in my classes. But learning a language is more than what you do in the classroom and homework. I still need to work on it.

By the next blog post, I will have started by Christmas break. Until then, here are some photos of the beautiful changing of the leaves in Koranke.