Almost a Farewell to Perú


Final examinations are right around the corner, so it’s almost time for me to go back home.  This has been an amazing yet scary experience for me to live, and I loved it.  Through this study abroad I was able to interact with many people from different cultures and different countries.  What I loved the most was the gastronomical experience I took in.  This study abroad has been a rollercoaster for me with many ups and downs, but an overall great time.  I’m going to talk about the most memorable moments I’ve studied in Peru.

Traveling to Cusco and visiting Macchu Pichu has got to be on the top of the list.  The views, the people and the food was all so breathtaking and so unreal at first sight.  I didn’t know whether I was dreaming or seeing a painting from how spectacular the view of nature was.  I learned so much from hearing tour guides talk about the history of the “Incas” and how they travelled there and set up homes and camps all around the mountain areas.

The food was another exciting part in the towns of Aguas Calientes and Ollantaytambo like Alpaca meat and quinoa risotto style.  As for the people, I met a couple atop of Macchu Pichu and we quickly became friends by them explaining more of the history to me as we walked around.

Touring around Lima’s cities like the center of Lima and Miraflores put everything into a different aspect, it differentiated townspeople and countryside people.  Miraflores was beautiful especially at night, as if the city came to life at those hours.  The food from both Miraflores and the center of Lima were outstanding and I fell in love with both of them, especially ceviche and causa.

In the center of Lima the structures are all so beautiful, the architecture was carefully thought out and every building is just “wow”.  The only thing I didn’t love was how crowded the town got and very quickly became chaotic. Also, the coffee was super delicious and the fruits are on another level of taste.

The last thing I want to talk about is my cuisine team from my European Cuisine class.  I was very skeptical going into the class to work with them, but it all worked out super fine.  To be exact it was more than fine as we all bonded very quickly and our friendship grew fast.  There were times where I didn’t know how to communicate with them, gastronomically speaking, since their food terms were different from mine.

In the end we sorted things out and everything was good.  On the last class I asked for their contacts and social media to stay connected and I also asked for a group picture to have in memory of all the team.  It was a great experience and fun time to have worked side by side with all of them and the professor was also an important part in the group.  This has been my Study Abroad and thank you for staying connected and reading throughout my journey.

This is my class from European Cuisine.