A Taste of Reality





Most of my time here in Ireland has felt a bit surreal. From traveling around the countryside to visiting incredible historic sites, I have felt like I’m on an incredible vacation. This week however, I was reminded of reality. With the semester picking up its pace, I finally had some larger assignments due. I had to buckle down and spend hours in a cafe, which is typical for me at home but not something I have had to experience thus far here in Ireland. While a bit stressful, in a way it was comforting. Since being here I have honestly missed the studious days in the coffee shop with my roommates. It was a good reset from the constant go go go lifestyle I have been living recently. It also was really fulfilling to apply what I have been learning all semester to an actual project.

Although this week was full of studying and work, I still was able to make time for friends and fun. Going on walks around the city is one of my friends and I’s favorite pastime here. Especially now when the weather is still nice, we have a really good time exploring the city by simply wandering. We have found some really great stores, coffee shops, and restaurants simply by stumbling across them on walks. I feel really engaged with the city on these walks, like a real member of Irish society. This feeling is also enhanced by my ability to navigate the streets. I no longer have to google maps everywhere I am going but can from most places get home by memory. It feels really cool to say I know my way around the city like a local. I am proud of myself for accomplishing such a feat.

Overall, compared to some weeks I have had here in Dublin, this one has been rather ordinary. However, it feels really great to be comfortable having these ordinary times. I think it shows how well I am integrating into Dublin society and culture. I no longer feel like an outsider which is honestly very comforting. That being said I am excited for more adventures to come!