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Not Exactly Homesickness?

After being in South Korea for roughly a month, what possible symptoms of homesickness am I beginning to experience?

Take It From Me, a Planner

What happens when a heavy planner is faced with situations that forces them to explore a more spontaneous side of them that they have never explored before?

Flip Side of The Table

Having grown up Hispanic-American with a mother who does not speak English well, I have had to translate for her ever since I could remember as well as help with with other aspects of language. Now that I am in a country where I do not speak the language, I have begun to realize what my mother experiences in the United States and the daily struggles she must be facing.

Princess Palace | Kaevyn in Korea

A perfect blend of history and modern-age, this tourist attraction was one of the first I visited and truly represents a rich history. My experience left me speechless.