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And the paradox of it all is that this was my life, this is over a billion peoples’ lives, but mine will end here and theirs will simply continue, going about on its Indian way. I think it’s the most bittersweet experience I will ever have.

Namin’ Babies

We were already almost 2 hours late, but we figured they would be on Indian time. Just as we arrived at the beautiful outdoors ceremony, they announced the Hindi name and lifted their baby girl into the air . . . their very white baby girl.

Culture Shock 2.0

They started talking, chatting all night. Within two weeks they had acknowledged to each other they believed they were soul mates. Within 3 months they had secretly married, at the town hall, without telling his Hindu family or her Jewish one.

Turkey Day

The turkeys arrived, India style: freshly killed FROM THE CAMPUS AVIARY, but frozen solid from being in the freezer all night, with heads and feet still attached and their feathers only half plucked.

Wedding Crashers

Within 5 minutes of our faces being filmed, they were ON-SCREEN, horrendously photoshopped into strange wreaths of roses, the design on the screen suggesting we were part of badly designed Barbie-themed video game.