Access Partners

Are you a study abroad program provider, University, or scholarship provider? We invite you to partner and grow with FEA.

FEA Access Partners engage in the FEA mission through annual support towards co-branded or allocated scholarships and receive sponsorship recognition. Access Partners also serve as members of the Access Advisory Board (AAB), providing critical leadership-level feedback on the Access Partner Program. Membership is renewed annually, and begins at the date of pledge/gift.

The program has four goals:

  • Engage Access Partners in the FEA mission to provide scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented among the U.S. study abroad population.
  • Assist Access Partners in identifying high-need students of high potential they may struggle to identify through traditional recruitment.
  • Increase the number of scholarships FEA provides annually by hosting Access Partner allocated or co-branded scholarships.
  • Empower Access Partners to support high-performing, non-awarded students in the FEA pipeline with pre-determined incentives to further increase access.

Interested in learning more about our partnership levels and benefits?

Contact our Executive Director, Angela Schaffer, at