Work overload – my internship is almost ending

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At the end of July beginning of August, two weeks before the end of my program, I had too little time to write my blog. Therefore, I am writing it just now. I need to finish most of my projects I was working on, and teach new interns so they can take on the projects once I finish my eight weeks. Since the beginning of July, I have had a different boss and a distinctive work pace. I had to adapt to the way she works and how I need to communicate with her. I try my best, and I give my best so that everything is up to date.

The new interns.

Meanwhile, in my free time, I try to explore new places in Hong Kong. I also found out that two of my co-workers are Harry Potter fans and one of these days one suggested to go a thematic cafe after work. We also enjoyed some Hong Kong street food on our way, close to the Mongkok station.

Harry Potter cafe.
Street food.

On the weekend, I went back to China and visited a Zoo in Guangzhou. Zoos are not my favorite places. Most zoos I had visited in my life has sad animals on display and the peoples’ behavior towards them didn’t see the best. However, before leaving China and finishing my internship, I wanted to see a panda and a zoo was the easiest way to see one.


I had to leave mainland China on Sunday because I had to go back to work on Monday. However, this time I did it by myself, since my friend was going to stay longer.  She was worried because last time it took me a while to get through immigration on the Hong Kong border side, but that was not a problem this time. Everything was fast and smooth.

That’s what happened during week 7. I am so sorry for posting so late, but there were too many things I had to finish at work that kept me from writing this blog post earlier.