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Oh the land of the Thai, is amazing. It’s full of green, water and wonderful people. I have been in Bangkok for 3 days and cant get enough of it. The first day was spent riding up and down on a tuk tuk to all the temples and shops that the city has to offer. I bought souvenirs and genie pants in different wild colors, to be in the “thai mood”! The tuk tuk driver was soo much fun and drove really fast weaving through traffic. It was a blast. Met cool people while staying in a youth hostel called “NapPark Hostel” in the side of Khao San. The second day we traveled to the other side of Bangkok to check in to another hotel where we met the rest of our friends that arrived that same day. We went to a local nearby market and did some more shopping and later during the night we all went out to dance and celebrate my birthday early! We had such a good time, I have pictures to prove it. Today, I rode an elephant… ahh that was soo cool, eventhough I felt bad for it half of the time I was on it, it was a really amazing experience. They are such peaceful creatures and their legs and hugeeee! Next we went to the floating market which is a bunch of little shops litterally floating. You ride by them on long canoes and choose which shops you want to stop at. I saw a little Komodo dragon and lots of fish. Tomorrow we have planned to go to another island called Koh Samui which is supposedly amazingly beautiful and the has the best beaches. I am sooo looking forward to sun bathing and the ocean. After Koh Samui, we head off to Koh Phangan, then Phuket,and then back to Bangkok to head back to China.

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