Winter is Coming!

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Few things I want to talk about:

  1. Winter is Coming! (as stated in the title)
  2. Cheap(ish) Eats in Copenhagen

The temperature has been decreasing within the past few days to the point where I had to purchase leather gloves and wear a pair of tights under my pants (in addition to long socks). According to google weather, the weather has been around 45 – 50 degrees fahrenheit (aka almost freezing cold!)… I am not very used to this at all, especially since I am a THAI native-born who was raised in SAN DIEGO!! I’m not 100% sure if my body was made for the cold. I am not entirely sure how I am going to deal with this weather when the temperature drops below the freezing point.. but I guess we’ll see a few months from now ;) Oh, and not only is it windy and cold…it also rains most of the time- great combination, right? Wrong. On the bright side, I love dressing up for the winter! I love turtlenecks, long coats, scarfs, gloves, and dark clothing. Not only that, I also love the cozy/cuddly vibe the cold weather brings! Here are a few pictures of gloomy/rainy days in Copenhagen.

The first picture doesn’t look like it’s cold, but my hands were very close to falling off when I took my gloves off to take the photo :-)


Strøget (a shopping street) after the rain.


Next! I would like to talk about cheap eats in Copenhagen! Yeah, those don’t really exist…but here are a few places I found that offer decent student and lunch discounts (though no a combination of both).

Smagsløget! 65 Danish Kroners (student discount included) for a VERY large sandwich- it will definitely be bigger than your head. I only come here when I have a friend to split it with because I can’t finish the whole thing on my own and don’t really enjoy leftovers. Their sandwiches are very very good- stuffed with a lot of ingredients! They are very generous with meat and veggies. So if you are able in Copenhagen, you should give this place a go ;)


Green Mango! Wahoo! This is a Thai Restaurant in Christianshavn. Their lunch specials are so bomb! -20 Danish Kroners off their plates. So their pad thai and pad see ew chicken are only 59 Danish Kroners! I believe this is from 11 – 3 PM on weekdays, though I am not entirely sure. 59 Kroners for a generous portion of pad thai…now that is RARE to find in Copenhagen! another reason why I like this place is because I get to practice my Thai a little bit when ordering. One of the chefs is really sweet!


WAHOO! Iki Sushi in Osterbro (I think). This place was so so good! I got the two plates to the farthest left for only 60 Danish Kroners! WHAT A STEAL, considering sushi in Denmark is extremely pricey. I was so happy to have found this place! Their wonton soup was soo good and fulfilling! Along with their California and tuna rolls. The only down thing was the fact that they didn’t accept foreign credit cards so my friend had to run back to his apartment to get cash…hehe


So those three restaurants are my current favorites! When I first arrived in Copenhagen, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat out as much but after doing a little bit of research, I found these cheap and delicious places! So what you have to do is really look for lunch specials and student deals- I’m sure good and cheap food are out there somewhere ;)

Since we are on the topic of food…another thing that is really common here is when you cook dinner together with a group of friends! or your significant other. I don’t know why I didn’t do this more often in the United States, but I will definitely take this tradition back! It’s such a great way to bond with your friends and have cheap dinner. Plus cooking can be really fun.

Here are a few dishes I made with friend(s) within the past few days:

The first one is creamy tomato spaghetti! Or at least it was supposed to be… My friend put broccoli, carrots, and red beans in it…which in the beginning I thought were strange ingredients to put into a tomato sauce- but it turned out great! The meal was awesome- we ate while watching Danish news…(aka we ate while I sat there clueless listening to Danish news).


Burrito night! Oh my. These burritos were so yummy! I am so proud of us to have made such delicious chicken, sweet potato burritos. Though the ingredients were a little bit pricey- I was so full I couldn’t move.


I think, now, cooking dinner is my favorite thing to do with friends. It’s such a nice and cozy feeling cooking and eating together!!