Welcome Week

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

Last week was Welcome Week at the university! I went there on Wednesday to pick up my student ID, and since I received my class schedule early in the week, I also wanted to visit the classrooms where I have seminars scheduled. I wanted to get familiar with the buildings before the first day of class. There were a few tables set up that day, and I stopped to chat with a few people. I had the chance to meet a few students at the International Opportunities table. They provided me with some information that I might look into during the semester. On Friday, it was a busier day because the Kent Union was holding a welcome fair, and there were tables set up for student groups, societies, and sports teams. I walked around and stopped at different tables like the Yoga Society, the Salsa Society, the Gulbenkian Arts Centre, and the Mature Student Society. I am interested in all of these, but I will join the Mature Student Society. Anyone 21 or older can join this group, but the group aims to provide a place where mature students can talk about common challenges, but also a place to chat and relax. The group holds lunches twice a week in one of the dining halls at the university. I am also interested in the Salsa society, and I might stop by one of their sessions, although these are scheduled in the evenings, and I would need to see if there is a late bus that can take me back home. With my student ID, I bought a student pass to use the local buses in the Kent area. This pass is valid for the duration of the semester, and it was a good deal that will save me some money. Also, this past week, professors uploaded information for each class into Moodle. I spent some time reviewing this information and getting familiar with my schedule, as we have pre-recorded lectures to watch and scheduled seminars to attend. I was feeling a bit nervous but also excited to start classes, particularly because the seminars will be held in person!!