Welcome to Camden Town ?

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I am excited to say that I have started my internship, and it honestly feels like a dream! For those who are new to my blog, welcome! I’m Veronica, and am currently interning at Psylo Fashion, located in Camden Town, London. I don’t know where to begin, but the best way I can describe how I feel is that for this past week, waking up for a one hour commute to Camden from where I stay doesn’t feel like a job. I actually look forward going there!

Transportation: London Edition

To be fair, although reliable the transportation, the time it gets there and back can be a bit tiring. London is a lot larger that I expected! I’ve been to New York for a week, and I feel as if New York would be like London, if it was less vertical, and more spread throughout. The transportation is extremely efficient though, and I get to work a lot earlier than I always expect to. The double decker buses are actually relaxing to ride on if it isn’t crowded.

The tube however is a different story. I feel as if my whole hometown can fit into one tube. It is insane the amount of people who get on. It can be cold outside yet you can be sweating while riding to your stop while on the tube due to it being underground of course, and the sheer amount of people crowded around you.

The Camden Town Experience

When I first got to Camden Town, it was more than I ever expected. I was told that you’d find punks in Camden, it is where the punk and goth scene got its start. But I underestimated the amount of individuality located within the town of Camden. It has an atmosphere I never experienced before, and every day I look forward getting there.

It honestly makes the ride on the tube a bit more stressful, because I just want to run out and be there already! So many little stores, it’s an atmosphere that is very much alive. Bartering is a common thing, and you can find many stores catering to the alternative crowd.

Last Sunday, which was the day after I arrived to London, gave me an even closer look at Camden life. I went out by myself to explore as I couldn’t wait for my internship to start on Tuesday. Random fact about me, for some odd reason people always compared me to Amy Winehouse.

So naturally, I went to Hawley Arms, a place that Amy sang at before she was famous. I absolutely loved it, and was actually offered a job there part time! I should really get my resume printed out, as a part time job would help. I doubt I’d have enough time though, as my internship is 40+ hours a week.

Next week I’ll go more into detail of what my internship is all about! It is really fun, as I am a social media manager. I want to wait, as I feel this week is what you’d call a syllabus week. I learned the basics of things, but this coming week I’ll be hopefully a little more prepared to be able to talk about what I do! Hope to see you guys at my next post. Till then, I’d definitely check out the history of Camden Town, I know you’d find it interesting, I sure did!