Weekend Adventure: Tioman Island

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Hello! I had an absolutely amazing, exciting, exhilarating, and simply wonderful weekend. This past weekend my study abroad group took a trip to Malaysia to visit Tioman Island. We left Singapore at 6:30 AM and arrived in Malaysia at 12PM where we then took a ferry to the island. When I took my first step off the ferry, I was speechless! There isn’t an adjective to describe how beautiful the island was. From the trees to the turquoise blue water the sight was simply breathtaking! I jugged my time between swimming, hiking, and eating. Although the scenery was perfect, …. there were specific things that lacked perfection. For instance, the Wi-Fi connection was incredibly poor. Even when the internet connection was working it was super slow. Also, they were several power outages. We were left in the dark for hours the night we arrived. Lastly, the insect bites. Ranging from spider bites, mosquitos bites, and nettle stings these irritating bites were just unavoidable. Everyone in our group suffered from at least 3 bites on their bodies. Despite, these negatives the overall trip was so much fun and it provided some much needed relaxation from the demands in the lab. By far my trip to Tioman has been my ultimate favorite experience in Asia. I would not hesitate to come back a second time.


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