week 9 pt 2

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

Image 1 – this is a picture of me at a recording studio recording a song I created back in the states. This was actually my first time in a recording studio ever! And I did it in a completely different country. I was so excited and happy. Even though i didnt spend as much time in the studio as i wanted to, i still had a wonderful time. It felt so good to sing and actually record for the first time ever. I will most likely be going back again to record more music.


Image 2 – this is a picture of me at afrikiko on our kizomba night. I was dancing with my dance partner. We did basic two step dances. At first we werent really in sync with one another because we had never danced together before. But after a while of practice and communicating, we started to get a groove going on.