Week 2

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

My second week has been fantastic. Copenhagen is such an eventful city during the summer (as I am sure it is similar during the school year—though I cannot say for certain). This past week, there have been so many events going on! There was a music festival this past Sunday, it’s called Stella Polaris. It took place at a big park in Frederiksberg (a neighborhood in Copenhagen). Before I go on describing the event and my time there, let me show you a few pictures so you can get an idea.

Well, how wonderful is this?! So many people gathered at a park for a free concert (the park does not look as crowded because I took these photos after the rain, so most people were under the nearby trees). People were having picnics with their friends and family; the vibe was so lovely. The weather was good for the first 30 minutes we got there then it started to rain. And as you can tell, I was prepared :) I brought my rain jacket and an umbrella. But I was also being a typical Californian wearing shorts and sandals… you live and you learn, right?

Another fun event that happened this week was my friend’s (Lexi’s) 21st birthday! We rented a boat to tour around Copenhagen. It was very lovely though the weather was wet and rainy. The price of the boat rental was relatively cheap; $15 for 2 hours per person. Initially, I was not sure how I am going to deal with the rain in Copenhagen but I’ve honestly learned to love it! After the rain, (most of the time) it gets sunny and the water in their canal (and etc) becomes super clear. Here are a few pictures from our boat trip :) If you plan to study abroad here, you should definitely check this out!




Those were the two main events I did this week! Now, I want to tell you a bit more about a few Danes I have befriended and/or been around. So far, 3/3 Danes I know are pretty funny… No scratch that, they are hilarious! It’s a different kind of humor though, at least it’s different than what I am used to in America. From my experience, they so far seem to be very straight forward and genuine. But who knows if my observations are true to most or just a selected few, I will leave that for you to judge :)

Lastly! I want to tell you more about my Danish Intensive Language course. It is still as hard as ever. Nothing has changed since last week. Though I think my pronunciation may have gotten better. “Jet hedder Taylor”–that means my name is Taylor, the most basic phrase that I (would like to think) have mastered.

That will be it for this week! I’ll talk to you soon!

Hej-hej ♥