Week 1 in Morocco

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

1. This picture was taken after some friends and I visited a popular café in the Kasbah of the Oudayas in Rabat. A kasbah is a fortified base that was once used to protect important leaders and militaries. Today, the Kasbah has a popular café where you can try various Moroccan desserts and mint tea which is a Moroccan staple. My favorite dessert here is the baklava and almond cookies. The cat pictured crawled into my lap and took a nap while I spent some free time with my friends.

2. This picture was taken when my homestay dad, sister, and brother took me and my friends to the beach to learn how to surf. While at the beach, we swam and played soccer with the other kids and locals. I have noticed that my host dad is extremely welcoming of all of my friends, and he takes many initiatives to get closer with the people of my program. By doing this, he helps us learn Arabic while we help him with English. The local Moroccans that I find on the beach are closer than in America because everyone is so welcoming and open to building community. This is indicative by the connections I have made thus far by simply visiting to the beach and playing soccer with the people I encounter.