Week 1 in Baku

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This area of Baku is known for its shops and was once a trading post on the silk road.
This structure is home to the eternal fire that is protected by security at all times. The fire pays tribute to those that perished during the fall of the Soviet Union in Azerbaijan.
These are the iconic flame towers of Baku, which are home to stores, companies, trade, and apartments.
Here is a view of the flame towers from little Venice. Yes, little Venice! There are boats and everything that take you on a tour through a canal like pool.

I have been in Baku for little over a week now. I still haven’t explored much of the city, but I enjoyed what I have been able to see. Azerbaijan was once a Soviet satellite nation, you can see the influence the Soviets had over Baku as you walk the streets and many Azerbaijanis also speak Russian. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan has been trying to carve its own legacy and reconnect with its past that was suppressed under the Soviets. Whenever I told people that I was going to be studying in Azerbaijan they didn’t even know it existed. From what I’ve experienced so far, Baku is definitely a “low-key” city. The cultural fusion that is taking place in this country is truly amazing and beautiful. The city itself is quite mesmerizing and resembles any European city meshed with Singapore and Dubai. This past week I have also been able to move in with my host family. All the stereotypes of Azerbaijani hospitality have been fulfilled. My hosts insist that I eat eat eat. I come to realize that they won’t be happy unless I am drinking tea or have food in my mouth. I am truly looking forward to my time here.