Upon Arrival Video

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Hello everyone! I would like to apologize for the camera quality. Our internet isn’t too strong in the dorms here, so my phone and laptop have both been lagging. In case what I’m saying is not understood, I am explaining here what I said in the video.

Essentially, I am currently in Strasbourg, France for 5 weeks on a “global leadership” program. This involves 2 courses: one on intercultural communication and another on global leadership. The intercultural communication course discusses how to conduct business, diplomatic relations and politics across borders and language barriers while the global leadership course works on fine tuning one’s own skills and styles to influence others.
Also, the program involves several different excursions and visits to institutions, such as the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights. Historically and currently, Strasbourg remains central to the communication and effectiveness of the European Union so I’m extremely excited to be here! And I cannot thank FEA enough for allowing this dream of mine to come true. I am so grateful and humbled for this opportunity!