Trip of a Lifetime, Study Abroad, Spain

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This was absolutely, without a doubt a trip of a lifetime! I am so pumped to be back in the states and to show all my family and friends what I have learned! I took so many pictures and videos that my computer can barely hold all of them. I already miss my host mother and my AIP professors. I am happy to be back though, so here is my recap of my summer.

I didn’t think that moving to Spain was much of a culture shock. Coming back in the United States was a bit of a shocker for me – I had gotten use to the tiny breakfasts and endless seafood in Valencia. The first thing that I noticed is just how hectic it is back here in comparison to Spain. The people there were much more relaxed and an elderly man in the neighborhood that I was living in once said,

“Americans take life too seriously. Take a break. Take a vacation. Take a nap at least. Enjoy your life.”

The woman that I lived with, Pilar Plana, was amazing. She cooked the best meals and covered a spectrum of Spanish dishes so that my roommates and I could taste as much as possible.

I was able to see Madrid, Toledo, Alarcon, Valencia, Barcelona, Ibiza and Rome. This was not my 1st time out of the country, but it was definitely my favorite. I learned so much about the Spanish culture and made so many new friends. I stay in touch with them still and I do have to speak Spanish in order to carry on a conversation with them, so it keeps my conversational skills up to date and I love the language so it’s actually pretty enjoyable.

I improved my Spanish to a degree that I didn’t think I would obtain during my 1 month visit. Although I am not bilingual, my skills are definitely at a level that they have never been. I hope that I can hold on to what I have learned during my stay. I would love to be able to use it in my professional career.

Thank you to so much for watching my videos and keeping track of my trip. I had an incredible time and can only dream of returning to these amazing cities. Thank you to FEA for helping me make this trip happen. I hope that all of you can make it to Spain some day if you haven’t already, and when you make it there; have a paella and tell them I said hi.