Trials and Triumphs – 2 Weeks in Barbados

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Adjusting to moments of adversity has provided me with tremendous opportunities to endure hardships with fortitude.
The weeks leading up to my departure were stressful and I found myself picking apart the pieces of my life
Dissecting every challenge; telling myself I wasn’t ready to go and the experience could wait.
The reality of traveling alone consumed me with an unimaginable fear of doom
And then everything else bubbled to the surface
Will I make friends? How will I get to the market? How different will I look from everyone else? Will I be homesick? Will I get lost on campus? Surely, I will.
With every negative thought I had, I chose to replace it with a positive one
I did this up until I got to the American Airlines gate and again when I landed in the new place that I now proudly call my home
I grabbed my luggage
Got into a taxi
Headed to my dorm
As I made it to my destination safely, the beautiful Frank Worell Campus Hall, I silently thanked God, myself, and all the people in my life who made this experience possible
When I entered the dorm hall I was greeted by Khyle, one of the Guild Student representatives
The simple exchange of smiles and “How was your flight” “Let me know if you need anything” “Try to get some rest” put my mind at ease
I unlocked the door to my room and sat on my bed. In that moment I reassured myself on why I made this decision; that soon enough I will see it was all worth it
I have been in Barbados for two weeks now and I have had the time of my life
Greeting and befriending students from Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, Berkeley, Canada, and South London has opened my heart to the blessings of endurance
Yes, I have gotten lost on campus
Yes, I have gotten homesick at times
Yes, I do look different from everyone else
But the relationships and networks I have created in such a short amount of time remind me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be