Traveling to Saitama

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I realized some time ago that I tend to be an extroverted introvert, I find energy hanging around people whose energy I enjoy being around, that’s why I find myself socializing so often. I also treasure my alone time dearly and need a lot of it to mentally recover so that I can continue socializing. That’s why I decided to take an entire day to myself to travel to a place completely different from Tokyo completely alone. Although Saitama is only one prefecture away from Tokyo, the differences which I noticed are endless. It was kind of a taste of my old home back in California, where I was raised in a relatively small farming town. I had no particular destination in mind, just where ever my legs decided to take me that day. I initially did have a destination in mind but as it turns out, since it was New Years weekend, the place I wanted to go to was closed for the week, so since that was the case, I decided to just walk around the city. It was very quiet and quaint, with not much going on compared to the city life of Tokyo, I could enjoy the fresh air and the cooling wind brush on my sunkissed skin. The inner peace I felt was immense and it was truly an enlightening experience to just explore nature for an entire day, a complete change of pace from my day to day life. Along the path I was walking on I stumbled upon a very massive lake, to which I stared at the surface for around half and hour, just taking in the sight, allowing myself the liberty to feel whatever emotions I may have been feeling, think whatever thoughts I might have been thinking. After staring at the lake, I was able to visit a random shrine which was surprisingly well kept for the size of the shrine. The scene of everything I saw that day was completely mesmerizing and truly an experience that I would like to go through again in the future