Train to Busan + settling in Seoul

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Finally, I have arrived in Seoul, South Korea! This trip is a long-awaited trip that has finally arrived and I cannot be more excited to step foot in Korea. I wanted to explore more of South Korea before the start of the summer study abroad program so I took a train to Busan to see what the city is all about. I first heard of this city when I watched the movie Train to Busan and it was nothing like the movie by the way! Although it rained the whole 3 days, it was an unforgettable trip.

Busan is quite famous for its seafood because the city is really near the ocean. I was amazed when I spotted this huge crab that was on display at a seafood restaurant!

It was raining so hard the second day that my whole body was soaked even with an umbrella! That did not stop me from exploring the beautiful city though! This photo was taken at Busan Citizen Park. This park is huge with all sorts of different playgrounds and nature for all to enjoy.

The first few days in a foreign country was tough because of the language barrier. There were many times where I will be completely lost and do not know which direction to go. Thankfully, the citizens are really generous and go out of their way to help a foreigner with directions. Through their actions, I have come to realize the generosity of Koreans. I am also amazed by their English skills that elders have!

After a few days in Busan, it was time to head back to Seoul and begin the study abroad program.

The first week of classes has already ended, that was quick! I am taking a Korean Culture and Korean beginning language class this summer. From just a few days of language classes, I am surprised at the Korean characters I can recognize when walking around the streets of Seoul. I cannot wait to be able to read sentences and have conversations with locals! I feel disconnected with a language barrier and I believe this language class will help me improve in that aspect.