Tourist Attractions, Danish Disneyland, and Sweden!

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Hey y’all!
We have much to unpack this week.
Firstly, when googling attractions in Copenhagen, Nyhavn and The Little Mermaid are two of the many results. With different colored buildings lined up to one another with a canal embellished with sail and houseboats splitting the street, Nyhavn is a beautiful place to grab food or simply a late night snack. I highly recommend “Rajissimo”, an ice cream shop chain that serves churros smothered in Nutella, topped off with soft serve ice cream. Yeah… I know. My friends and I also visited The Little Mermaid, a four foot tall bronze sculpture sitting atop rocks surrounded by views of Copenhagen and beautiful waters. With the sculpture being an ode to Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s original piece of The Little Mermaid which was later interpreted to Disney’s version, it is a nice, quick visit to see something with so much history.
Secondly, I was able to visit the Tivoli Gardens! With Tivoli being one of the oldest running amusement parks and having many rides (none too scary), photo ops, a breath-taking garden, food vendors, beautiful olden architecture, and a concert venue, it is a perfect day trip for locals and tourists alike. My friends and I were able to spend our entire Friday there and were even able to watch a Danish artist perform his new album (shoutout to Nicklas)! I would highly recommend going on a weekday as the weekends get VERY busy, and also to check out Nicklas Sahl’s music as he reminds me of Ed Sheeran, and who doesn’t like Ed?
Lastly, my friends and I were able to take a 45 minute train ride to Malmo, Sweden! There we first visited Malmohus Slott, which has served many functions throughout its lifetime. With this attraction originating as a castle/fort in 1537, then converting to a prison, to later be converted to an emergency center for refugees during the Holocaust, to now being a museum, it holds much history that is interesting to dive into! There were many beautiful views in the city, and the architecture seemed similar to Copenhagen. Although our trip was fun, I feel going to Stockholm, or another city more central will give me better insight on the Swedish culture.
Thanks for reading and I will see y’all next week!

Megan B.